FaceSitting Mistress

That's me. I am a professional Facesitting Mistress. I was No.1 on YouTube for facesitting. Of course they banned Me. I am well-versed in face sitting (or facesitting) and can provide a full and prolongued face sitting service or I can guide beginners to the delights of full face sitting. Oh and I gush. No really. I genuinely gush. A LOT. You'd do well to come and see me in person. You can book by clicking Contact Mistress or make an appointment with Me on AdultWork. Do it now boy.

Beginner Training

If you are a beginner or have never dipped your little toe into the world of BDSM then I am the perfect teacher. I am patient, non-judgemental and will hold your hand on this very exciting journey. A journey from which you'll never look back. I am friendly yet stern, stern yet comforting, comforting yet assertive. Nothing is taboo. You want me to be your naughty mummy? You need a strong Mistress to put you right? You want to be a baby? You want to watch me crush snails under my bare feet? Ask me. You will never forget your time with Mistress and you will soon be coming back and begging for more.

Dressing Up

I get a lot of cross dressers these days and I simply love it. Some come for the day and we go shopping for clothes, lingerie and make up then back to my lovely house for dress up and modelling followed by some girlie (adult) play! Others don't have their own clothes so I provide wigs, make up and dresses to wear. If you can't keep your lady clothes at home you can safely leave them at my place. I am as happy sharing a latte in town as I am sat on your face while you're dressed in lovely girlie clothes. Well.. perhaps that's not strictly true!

Mistress Service

I am a professional Mistress. You will enjoy kneeling in front of Me and you WILL allow Me to lead you on a journey of discovery and excitement. I shall restrain you, smother you, wrap you and humiliate you. Mistress has a selection of toys, butt plugs, strap-ons, hoods, masks, canes, paddles, ropes, shackles and much more. Mistress will take you to a place of Humiliation and Pain but you will thank Her for it for you will have experienced not just submissiveness and humiliation but the ULTIMATE in face sitting humiliation. You'll also leave here showered, refreshed and feeling fantastic.


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